"Mother in Law" 50th Anniversary Extravaganza!!!

The Mother-in-Law, the Empress and the EmperorTo commemorate the Ernie K-Doe classic "Mother in Law's 50th anniversary of reaching #1 on the Billboard charts, there will be several K-Doe-oriented events during Jazz Fest, including:

- Production of the play "BURN K-DOE BURN!" by Rob Florence
at the AllWays Theatre
as a benefit for the Musicians Clinic, which helped keep Ernie K-Doe alive.

April 29 & 30; May 2 thru 7; May 13 thru 15
- Possible holdover: May 20 thru May 22
8 PM / $20.
The Allways Theatre, 2240 St. Claude Avenue, NOLA

for more info call (504) 342 2537

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Here's what critics are saying:

"'BURN K-DOE BURN!' not only defies criticism, I am quite sure it is
impervious to it. Rob Florence's two-act homage is described as a
'romantic comedy from another dimension' and it certainly is that, but the
description doesn't go far enough. It is myth, folklore and legend, set to a
rhythm and blues beat. It distills the essence of Ernie K-Doe's grandiose
public personage and and patois... Like its subject, "Burn K-Doe Burn!" is
a good time show."

- David Cuthbert, The Times-Picayune

"Homegrown entertainment that will rock you, sock you, and
thoroughly entertain you is Rob Florence's two act comedy / drama
'BURN K-DOE BURN!'.... Harold Evans is giving the performance of his life
as Mr. K-Doe.... The show's authenticity is further enhanced with the active
participation of his widow Antoinette.... This show has the audience
dancing in the aisles! Don't miss it."

- George Patterson, The Whiz

"Pretty soon 'Burn, K-Doe, Burn!' will begin a second run. If you live in
New Orleans, you have to see it. It's history. It's legend. It's the ultimate
'only in New Orleans experience.' If you're from out of town, viewing is
required. There was never a time when we needed the show more than

- Orissa Arend, The Tribun

TIMES: 8:00 PM
DATES: April 29 & 30; May 2 thru 7; May 13 thru 15
- Possible holdover: May 20 thru May 22

The Allways Theatre, 2240 St. Claude Avenue, NOLA.
COST: $20.
INFO: Call (504) 342 2537
For tickets online go to www.zerve.com



Other Events Between the Jazz Fest weekends:

Monday May 2, 12 Noon - A second line from St. Louis Cemetery #1 to St. Louis Cemetery #2 for the unveiling of markers for both Antoinette K-Doe and Earl King on the tomb owned by Heather Twichell, final resting place of Earl King and the K-Doe's. There will then be a live musical tribute to Earl King in the cemetery by Sunpie  and the Lousiana Sunspots. This day, May 2nd, is the 8th
anniversary of Earl King's interment in this tomb,

Tuesday May 3, 1 PM - The unveiling of a marker on Allen Toussaint's former family home, 3039 / 3041 College  Court, site where "Mother in Law" was written, along with  many other classics.


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